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Xmas recess

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Our members are reminded that our last forging weekend for this calendar year is Saturday the 11th & Sunday the 12th of December 2010. A members xmas lunch party will be held on the Sunday, hope to see you there, cheers John.

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hey John

I did'nt get to see you on the Sunday at Moonys, were you there. I was going to punch the eyes on those flatters for you but when I did'nt see you I had figured that you had gone home.


Hi phil, I was only there for the Saturday & Saturday night ( on a 6 week touring holiday to Victoria with wife) however, I rang the wife (at motel in Braidwood) she was not feeling well after she had lunch at cafe so I decided to go back to the Motel to make sure she was o.k.(turned out o.k by mid-day Sunday) I spoke to Dale before I left, the flatters can be done next year if they can be fitted in.
Just got back from holidays today, Wifes Mum had a bad fall at the nursing home shes in so we had to cut hols short by a couple of weeks but all in all we had a great time.

cheers John
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