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Question about the plumbing

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Hello there! I have a question about using galvanized (normal?) plumbing pieces for a breakdrum forge.

Its realy hard to find someone here who sells anything that issnt galvanized, so i thought maybe i should just soak the pieces in vinegar or something to remove it...

Would this work or is there more in the metal that comes out after repeated heating?

I hope my question is understandable.

Thanks you and a great big hug from the cold land of Norway =)

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Almost all the plumbing is not where it will get hot enough that the galvanization is an issue.

Only the floor flange and last nipple may have issues in a typical set up. (anything below the bottom of the forge floor should be OK.)

Yes chemical removal of the galvanization should be sufficient.

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I made my gas forge burners from galvanised since that was all I could get. The flow of the gas through the burners keep the metal cool, and only the very tips started to lose zinc after many hours. I also forge outside, making it a bit safer.

For a breakdrum forge I would think it is equally safe with air being blown through the fittings the whole time.

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The issue with galvanizing is the zinc coating being vaporized and inhaled.

In most solid fuel set ups this is not an issue as it is below the fire and is additionally cooled by the air flowing through the pipe. If the air pipe does get full and some of the coals build up above the "T", you can get that section hot enough to vaporize the zinc coating. The solution is to just keep the ash removed from the twyere.

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Working from removing the galvanized coating. Could you remove it via electrolysis?

Normally when I use electrolysis for rust removal, the piece you want to restore is connected to the negative lead, and a sacrifice steel object is connected to the positive lead.

If you connected your positive lead to the galvanized item and a chunk of rusty steel to the to your negative lead. Would you be able to force the zink in the galvanized coating to migrate to the chunk of steel connected to the negative lead?

Just a thought, and I may be way off base...

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