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Just a little blacksmith knife...


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That is a great knife,and really well done..One like it would be an excellent projuct for folk new to forging knives as it would help develop lots of skills including hammer control and remembering to not work cold metal,,that little nail will lose heat real fast,,you must plan each step of its making to get the most out of each heat,,,Thanks for sharing.

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I like it Bart! Are the nails high enough carbon to make a striker? Something like this with a straight spine and a piece of flint would make a terrific survival kit knife.

I have to agree with Rich too, it'd be a perfect project for any blacksmith student as an intro to tool steel and heat treatment.

Well done.

Frosty the Lucky.

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Thanks guys for all the positive comments. I have made several if these over the past couple years...give them all away! The youngsters really appreciate them (after getting an ok from mom/dad of course!). In my neck uf the woods most males of the species carry a knfe or three starting at an early age.

As to the knives themselves i draw out about a third of the length on the "head" end for the blade. The rest is drawn out for the handle. Blade is shaped with files and finished up with emery cloth. I harden and then temper to bronze in oil.

Frosty: not sure of the composition of the nails but if you harden in water they will spark. Not as well as a file or hay-rake tine though. A fellow once told me he had an old box that said they were 1095. The ones i have dont say but i dont think they are thst high in carbon...maybe 70 points??You can get the 16d ones at lowes. I had to get the 20d ones from a guy on ebay from a hardware store that was going out of business. I bought all he had!

Heres another one msde from 16d nail:


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I have used some similar if not the same and they appear to act more like 30 points of carbon to me. Mine would make good letter opener type blades but not good enough for carving knives (whereas 1090 would be good for carving knives). That is a pretty cool piece though! Quite a nice example of detailed miniature work! I liked them before I had a forge as I could torch heat such smallish pieces. Now with a bigger forge and the Anyang sitting out there they are less tempting to use. I also have scrap, from larger projects, of steel that IS 1090 or thereabouts that could be cut down to such sizes easily... so my nails languish... but forging moves ahead!

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I just ran across this thread and must say its one of the most facinating subjects I've seen in awhile.
I have the recpie for super quench and will try this for any masonry knives I might make.
For anyone who wants larger style nails/spikes try here, tremontnail.com. If the link wont work, cut and paste.

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