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hammer till your hands bleed

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My hands have bled while hammering but it's not quite the same thing. I try to take a break or don proper PPE if I'm doing myself damage. Blisters don't count unless they're serious.

A person has to use common sense or it isn't going to matter what you get into, you'll do yourself a serious mischief.

Frosty the Lucky.

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Bled? Yes. Caused by the hammer? No. Get hand too close to something I shouldn't? Yes.
Clutz? :unsure: Probably!

Lost feeling in my arm from the elbow down from working longer than I should have? Yes, right now that I think of it.

Safety first. Glasses, glove, steel toed boots, knowing when you reach your safe working time, etc...

Enjoy yourself and be safe so you can work another day.


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Have you ever hammered till your hands bled?

You should NEVER preform any task to the point it injuries your body. It is called personal safety, YOUR personal responsibility to keep YOU safe. Find a better way, a safer way.

A beginner is no match for a blacksmith that works 10 hours a day, every day, for years. The blacksmith did not start at 10 hours, but worked one hour at the forge, learned, studied, and then rested. His body recovered, learned, and developed to meet the new challenge. It took time. Ask how long the fellow has been hammering at that anvil, say 5 years, 10 years, 20 years. Set your pace so you can be as good or better in the same amount of time.

Yes I have left blood on the anvil, DNA on projects, etc, but looking back it was always because I was taking a short cut, or was tired, etc, and it could have been avoided.
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