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Hay Hook

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That's a great construction. The handle won't break off without a fight. Most of the hay around these parts anymore is processed as 3x4x8 foot bales that weigh half a ton or so. My current favorite set of hay hooks says 'Hyster' across the back.

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So Glen,gonna put the leather apron to work in a secondary field?(pun intended)
I can remember getting paid by the bale to buck hay.I preferred working the field rather than the barn.The field had a better breeze(hopefully)and less dust.
The barn did offer more shade though.

Nice hook,let us know how they toss.

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I've actually used one of those.

We worked for a farmer one summer who had his wagon hooked directly behind the square baler. The baler shute came right up on the wagon, so one man would hook the bale as it started out the shute and drag it to the stack man. You would stack a wagon full, take it to the barn and unload the square bales on a motorized conveyor. The barn crew would catch them and stack them in the loft. Two farmers and four boys could get a hay up in a day's time.

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