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Chandler Railing


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At Dragon Forge we have been pretty busy with some fun projects. Recently we had a client, on the 11th hour, decide he wanted a railing with some metal aspen trees. With a very short turn around time, I had to get started on the ASAP. So here are some pics of what has happened. Please feel free to ask any questions. Ill do my best to answer.

To start off were the aspen trees.


These have copper, brass, bronze and steel leaves. I forge these a little at a time. Here is around 150 in 3 days. Next is to clean and start brazing clusters of 2 and 3.

One finished tree at the top of the stairs.

I was working on this while at the job site the treds were getting installed. When they are ready I show up to get a template from this set. Because this isnt a common run I need to fit to what is built. Using a piece of 3/8 round bar and some flat stock, I build the template. Putting the rake and run in the round bar, I place the flat bar on the nose of each tread.


When I go back to the studio I place is back as close as I can. My control points are the flat bars and the top where the landing is. They must be level with as little torque as possible on the template.

Thanks for looking :)

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Day 2 of assembly. Had an idea for a extra hand. This tool is pretty rough but does the job right now. I will make a cleaner one when I can. Pretty self explanatory. Each joint can tighten down and lock. Basically hang the picket from it and be able get my hands free.


I had already laid out where the pickets will go. Level them up and start workin down. I did not aggressively weld them being I didn't want the railing to rack from the heat of the welds.


Took me a little over an hour to get these in place. I put the lamb tongue in place temporarily to give me an idea of where this is goin.


The stringer of this rail has been bugin me. I ended up putting it on hot. Keeping in mind this rail has a rake, run and radius, I really didnt want to spend alot of time hitting this.


I spent the rest of the time bouncing my welds around, cleaning and detailing. I rough fit the aspen tree in on the base.

Thanks for reading :)

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Looks great Rory, thanks for the step by step pictures, Love the tool, great way to clamp an awkward joint.Being a Horticulturist by trade I appreciate the fact the leaves actually look like Aspen leaves. :D Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

Cheers Ian Ross

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Well the railing is pretty much done, waiting to instal it this week. Here were some left over pics from various states.


started carvin little bugs on em


and to go with the railings also doin a fire surround with more aspens


thanks for looking! :) Probably be a while before I can get portfolio shots after its installed, but will post when I get em.

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