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choosing a blower


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I am trying to find a blower for my little forge. I have a 10 inch brake drum forge and have been trying to find a good air supply for it. The hair dryers do not give enough and the shop vac is too loud and too strong even with waste gates.

I was looking at the 164 cfm blower from blacksmith depot


does anyone have any other suggestions or reviews of this blower.

I would like something cheaper and crank powered but looking to start forging soon.



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I know many feel squirrel cages are not as desirable as the impeller style due to wind interference, but if your looking at cost savings, here's a link to check out. Lots of choices and prices: http://www.electricm...yton_blower.htm Maybe even find one cheaper elsewhere once you know what to look for (Can you say big-box-store? :D) . I use a squirrel cage on my gasser and it is affected a little bit by wind but its livable. I don't get a flame blow out or flare up by any means. I think my old naturally aspirated forge was more affected by the wind.

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I used a bathroom fan on my solid fuel brake drum forge. they are wisper quiet and can be controlled reasonably well with a dimmer switch, and reletively cheap.
post-13874-049045800 1283853580_thumb.jp
this is the fan I used only I left the cover off and I originally enclosed it to be more weather resistance as my forge was out in the open for a few weeks. so far it works great.
post-13874-062351900 1283853743_thumb.jp

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I have 7 of those blowers on the forges in the school.
They have more air than you will ever need.
You will still need an air gate.
I also prefer a hand crank but have all electric blowers on the forges that students use.
You may be able to see them in some photos at
They are easily mounted and have a plug in type cord and a switch already on the motor

Blacksmith depot are good people too.

Mike Tanner

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