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Student's First Knife


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In February of this year I got a call from a friend. His son wanted to buy a knife with his Christmas money. My friends whole family are hunters and his son, the youngest, had killed his first deer last year.
I had 5 knives in stock and Gage had a hard time choosing. He finally made his choice and the deal was done. (he got a real good discount)
He was really fired up about forging knives. I gave a short demo and forged a small blade while they were there. Gage was hooked.
Fast forward to June, I had a new student. Two to three days a week depending on everyone's schedule. I had warned him that first he had to learn forging basics. Then and only then, could he attempt a knife.
Many hot, six hour days were spent in the forge learning drawing, tapering, making round stock into square stock and square into round. Gage never complained once.
When he completed all of his basic tests, Gage started on his knife. He chose the size and style of blade he wanted. The stock was 1/4" thick 1084.
I was his guide, but he did all of the hands on work.

The as forged blade.

He used files, hand sanding and my Coote grinder to finish the blade. He clay coated the blade, but I did the actual heat treat. Gage chose curly maple for the handle and did all of the shaping and finish work.

Gage designed and made the sheath. I provided guidance, but he did the work.

Here is the new knife maker. He stands 6'-4, weighs in at 265lbs and will be 13 in October.

Gage has a second blade forged, but football practice and school will limit his shop time to weekends. He and his dad have started collecting tools and equipment for their forge/shop.

All comments are welcomed by the teacher and the student.

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