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help with a clipped point


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How much forging experience do you have?

If you forge a blade out and forge down the front end some before you do the beveling the beveling will swing the tip up some. This can usually be reduced by using a wooden hammer on it when hot to not mess up the blade but to shift the blade around.

You could also hot cut the blank or started blade.

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hey, I want to make a good bowie/skinning knife for a friend, but I have no idea how to forge in a clipped point, I don't want to grind one in. Any pointers?

I believe that you should rethink your approach. The advantage of having a clip point is that it makes your knife tip sharper with a well defined point that will stab effectively. It accomplishes this by being ground from both top and bottom leaving a very sharp pointy tip. By forging the shape you are likely to finish with a more rounded point on the knife... thus eliminating the main advantage of the clip point shape (or you'd end up grinding out enough to sharpen the tip as it should be... but then what would have been the point of making the forging harder when a ground finish would result anyway).
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well i managed to figure it out on my own. It occurred to me that a clip is merely a dip in the metal since the actual blade part is straight, so I stood the bar on it's side and kept it level with the anvil and pounded a tapered dip into the top of the bar. This created the clip effect and then I formed the blade on the other side from there. Worked pretty good, just needs practice now.

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