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too small drill bits


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The chuck on my drill press will only hold bits down to a 5/32" shank,
but I often have to drill smaller holes.
So, I found out that if you put heat shrink tubing on the last 1/2" or
so of the shank, it holds fairly well in the chuck.
As long as you center punch the hole the drill bit will follow.

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Cal. If you want more acuracy you could cut some brass shim stock to apropriate width and length then wrap it around the bit letting the excess stick out between the chuck jaws, or If you have a lathe, or A pal with one part off some pieces of 3/8" round stock at1/2" lengths drill the needed size hole through then slit down the length of the piece to the hole with a coping saw insert bit into it and insert both in your drill chuck and tighten, A simple collet that works great, make A set of them for future use...Hope this helps Clifford B)

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Just wrap them in paper. Then you don't have the stick mess when it spins in the tape or shrink wrap. And if you use pretty thin paper (rolling papers) it will actually be pretty concentric to your drill chuck.

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you can also find a used or broken hand held power drill that chucks down small and rip out the chuck and shaft assembly out, and chuck that in the drill press, i saw where some one did that before. I had the same problem and I found a chuck that didn't have the post, just female threads on the chuck, and turned an adapter to screw into it and chuck in the drill press. i have another one that my dad wants me to adapt for the drill press in the garage. The small chucks are very nice to have, as you can use them in any drill that will hold the shank (3/8 inch on the one i made),the drill press, cordless drills, etc.

Ed Steinkirchner

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