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Greetings from Baltimore

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Hello all! My brother Kerry Stagmer has been posting and reading here from quite some time now and I thought it was time for me to jump in. I have read the forum for awhile now and there are some great topics being shared between everyone. I would like to share some things that I have learned in return.

A little background. I am 27 and I made my first knife at 12 at my brother Kerry's shop. I hung around the shop for awhile after that and started working with him in high school. After I graduated I decided to jump in the sword making buisness with Kerry full time. I am now co-owner of Baltimore Knife and Sword. We make everything from stage combat blunt swords to high layer pattern welded customs. Through the years we have collected more tools that I can think of so we decided to share some of our tools and knowledge and started a annual hammer-in event in March called Fire and Brimstone.

Our shop is located in Marriottsville Maryland. We are currently expanding our work space to add more forging area as that part of the buisness is picking up(or at least we are getting too many tools and need more room). Our website is www.BaltimoreKnife.com. We make about 1000 pieces a year. Everything from daggers to two handed swords. Check out our work if you like. We also like to dabble in just about every other kind of metal working. From white metals to car bodies to anything else to distract us from making swords 24/7.

Thanks for having me and I hope that I can share some things with you all as I have learned from many of you.


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