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Dad's on life support

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left work early to drive the 90+ miles to the ICU again, Dad's worse. He slept through his 79 B day yesterday ( was of off a year thought he was turning 80) when he is awake, his lung fights the respirator, so he is sedated, and his kidney's are getting worse, so I need to be with my family now.

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We have removed the life support from my father one hour ago, as per the wishes in his living will, may he finaly rest in peace. I hope he doesnt linger, I am staying here at the ICU until his final passing.

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Due to a "busy night" in the ICU it was 2 more hours before they were able to attend my Father, when Life support was removed, he passed quickly. Lloyd Sells now rests peacefully. after a weekend fulled with tears, and some rage, I am now numb. I love you Dad. and I will miss you.

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Steve , i'm very saddened to hear about your father . Sorry i ain't caught up on this , but had other things on my mind :(
Tears & RAGE , yes i know all about those , but you have to stay strong for those that are around you .

The Russell Family

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