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Quite a chunky one !

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Though some of you guys and gals would like to see this lump I found in the corner of a yard when out hammer buying today :blink:

Its the top off a drop stamp anvil (guess the other half is still in the ground somewhere!)

Recon it must be getting on for 150 tons !

Im well over 6' tall , and im standing a few feet towards the camera when the photo was taken just to give a jist of the size. The photo doesnt really portray how BIG it is when you see it in the flesh.

Diddnt get chance to check the rebound......... ;)


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Dont think it was for sale david !! Its only half an anvil, so not a right lot of use other than as a paperweight :rolleyes:

Did see an intersting counterblow hammer today that was also 'chunky'. Each of the tups was 60 ton, and the air receiver was at least 12' dia x 60' tall

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