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I Forge Iron

Devil Dog

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It'd not only be a challenge but a great honor to forge a Devil Dog, unfortunately I'm not that far back yet.

The Devil Dog's an English bulldog with or without a helmet, hat or other cover. The main thing is it should have the sad kind eyes, droopy jowls and formidible fangs of an English Bulldog. Part of it's message being, "Your best friend or your worst enemy. Nothing says Marine better.

I'm thinking it's a pretty straight forward animal head being basically blocky and squarish. If I were up to it I'd see it as good practice making copies till I got one right enough to gift a Marine. Flawless isn't necessary or even desirable, it's their actions that display the important part, their hearts.

Frosty the Lucky.

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This is the sort of project where a block of plastercine is invaluable. Use the same tools you will use to forge the steel to form the plastercine only you don't have to hammer them. This will tell you if you are on the right track for the way you plan on forming the steel. If you go to an artist supply store you can often find plastercine that is harder than the regular stuff. Don't be surprised if you find your forged steel one comes out better. I have found because steel forces you to work slowly I can do much better sculpture in steel than clay.

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Thanks for the replys. The plasticine sounds like a good way to go. This fellow is not only a former marine but retired law enforement. He also is also a tax expert and volunteers his time for nonprofits including offering to do our guilds 501 for free. I really want to help him out.

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