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Gift Anvil Build

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I built this little anvil as a gift for a good friend. I started with a 2" thick drop of mild? steel that had a convenient curve for the underside of the tail and a flat surface for the face. A one inch thick drop with a nice big hole in it was cut and welded to form the base. I turned the horn on my ancient lathe out of a two inch diameter drop of mystery steel shaft. All the welds are as close to 100% as I could make them with one-eighth E6011 rod.
The anvil weighs 58 lb. and has a 2" X 10" face with a 3/4" round hole, a 10" X 5.5" base and a 6" horn.
Accesories are a hot cut made from the tip of a wood splitting maul, a 2" built up and remachined trailer ball, a 1.25" ball bearing welded to a shank, and a 1" thick hole punch saddle plate with an assortment of hole sizes.
I decided to try hardening the face, figuring that there is at least a little carbon to work with. Heating took about three hours in my jury rigged fire brick oven with tiger torch burner to achieve a dull red color. I boosted the heat on the face with oxy-aceteline and then quickly quenched with buckets of water and the garden hose full on.
The face did harden somewhat. A ball bearing dropped from 5" gives a consistant rebound to 3".

post-9588-034100400 1276924401_thumb.jpg

post-9588-014996300 1276924454_thumb.jpg

post-9588-044485100 1276924559_thumb.jpg

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so after "face hardening" what is the bounce like?

nice looking anvil btw

Thanks DennisG. It was so late and we had such a long day, that we didn't think to try a hammer bounce test. After the bearing drop test, it was high fives, big grins and good night. The anvil is on its way to its owner's home and I look forward to hearing about how it works for my friend and what he forges with it.
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