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Frosty back to the Hospital 6-9-10

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Glad to hear your doing ok and sorry to hear about your dog.
My wife has to take seizure meds every day and has been doing so since she was 20, so I know a little about what that is like, so we will keep you in our prayers and hope all works out well.


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Hey Gang: I'm home again and I managed to escape with only one hospital meal under my belt. Deb and I were in the midst of having Libby, our Great Pyreneese Mountain dog down yesterday afternoon. Li

Frosty & Deb, I've been on tegretol for 22 years after having a couple of seizures. It's stopped the seizures for me, but there is a weak blood vessle in the brain so I'll stay on the pills forever. I initially lost my drivers licence for a year and if they hear of another seizure it'll be another year. This was initially brought on by a period of stressfull/emotional dealings so the death of your good friend could have easily set it off for you. We had to put our schauzer down two years ago and it still brings up tears when I think about him and how special he was. Good news is that meds can take care of it and if you are awake when a seizure is coming you will see some flashing white lights, like a strobe light, to give you a warning to lay down. My first wife was epileptic and her specialist said that the best thing to do if some one is having a seizure is to make sure they don't fall and hit their head and then leave them alone. Do not hold them down! That will cause more problems. Just keep them in a safe area. It's more tramatic for the viewer than the victim. So just go on with your life and enjoy!

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Hey Frosty,
glad to hear that you are back home. Get rested, and take care of yourself- Ya Hear?

Sorry to hear about your pooch. I lost my buddy just over a year ago :( . Sure took awhile getting used to not having her here anymore.

Again, glad to hear that you are back home, and doing better.


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