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hi temp vent fan


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has anyone have information about using a hi temp vent fan (simlar to a power venter for a furnace) to keep a chimney drawing when the chimney needs to be short? maybe 2-3 feet above the roof but at the lowest edge of the roof.

what temperature air is going thru a flue? the fire is obviously very hot but the air going up the chimney is mixing with alot of ambient room air.

am i howling at the moon with this line of thinking?


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Look at using a draft inducer, no moving parts in the hot gasses, but instead injects air in the correct direction to move the rest of the gas column. Many places including Grainger sell the inducer fan, but you should talk to someone to help you design it, I don't know enough. Ron Reil talks about it on his website with his vent hood.



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i spoke with a technical person at tjernlund fans. they go back to the era of coal heat and still have a vent that they use for solid fuel (wood) that he recommended. it is a radial bladed fan with the motor out of the airstream and is installed by cutting a section out of the piping.

also found a fan at rockford chimney supply website for use with solid fuel.

i dont remember what the btu heat output is for coal but i suspect these fans are (particularly the tjernlund) are robust enough for the high temps.

i will try to get a look-see at ron reils site to check his solution.

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