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I Forge Iron

cool old grinder

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Call me strange(it wouldn`t be the first time it`s happened)but I much prefer something like this to the new whiz-bang BS with lazers and infinitely adjustable unobtanium tool rests.
The old iron has tons more soul and when restored by someone who cares and has a fine eye(like that Beaudry rebuild)then it inspires you to just kick your work up at least one notch if not more.
It also helps if the guy who restored it has a friend who pinstripes(or can do it himself). :D
Thanks for posting the pics.Looks like a really cool place to visit.

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Yes the Speedway Museum is a world class museum dedicated to the preservation of all things auto and speed accsesories. It houses the collection of Speedy Bill Smith founder and owner of Speedway Motors the world larges supplier and manufaturer of automotive speed equipment. Three floors of antique race cars and one of akind autos. There are several thousand peddle cars. A huge collection of all those toys we had as kids that were made of steel had sharp edges and lead paint that we all played with. There is a huge collection of race car engines and related stuff. Here are some pics of the museum

post-9934-013227900 1275346355_thumb.jpg

post-9934-062375600 1275346471_thumb.jpg

post-9934-045996400 1275346566_thumb.jpg

post-9934-082546500 1275346806_thumb.jpg

post-9934-009609000 1275346993_thumb.jpg

post-9934-029551800 1275347085_thumb.jpg

post-9934-008853200 1275347226_thumb.jpg

post-9934-060103800 1275347330_thumb.jpg

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