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Do you know who this is? Cal Lane

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I`ve marveled at her work before.Must be nice to be able to project your vision onto the most mundane objects in our lives and see everything has a potential for art.Even better to have the skills to handle a torch well enough to draw that vision in metal with as delicate a touch as she has.

One of the things I find most appealing about her work,especially in the page you linked to, is that she takes what others leave behind or discard and transforms those things thru reduction.In essence she`s taking what others feel have little or no value,she then subtracts from even it`s minimal scrap value and transforms it into objects that others now desire.As my grandson would say "Way cool trick".
The tank she`s working on gave me an idea.Around here large tanks that are at the end of their useful lives are just a bother for contractors to deal with and as such can be had for the asking.Many contractors will deliver them free if you are closer than their yard or disposal point.The scrap guys don`t want them because they have to clean them and then cut them up before processing,too much work for little return.
The wife wants a garden house/pergola built in one of the gardens.Instead of building the framework as a wooden rectangle I will go and see if my contractor buddies know anyone with a large diameter tank they want shed of.The walls will be round and the roof will be conical or made from the end caps if I`m lucky enough to find one with domed end caps.
She and the grandkids can then draw whatever they want on the walls and when they`re done I`ll cut to their intent.Much easier and more enjoyable than all those angled cuts,nails and sawdust.
Thanks Dennis,for the post and sparking the idea.

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Similar to what I have been building the past couple of weekends. Someones scrap into a usable item.

My smithy is up to 1,980 gallons, and counting. I needed some kind of a windbreak for my forge area, which is just a clear spot on my property. Since I am on the side of the mesa there isn't much to stop the wind which can reach 40-50mph at times. Where I live trees are somewhat of a luxury, and wood doesn't hold up very well, so I wanted something that was durable as well as inexpensive. The shop I work for recently relocated to a smaller facility, and was dumping a lot of surplus goods. One of the items being let go were 40+ 55 gallon drums that we had used for storing chips before spinning them. A 55 gallon drum is approx 2'x3'. I welded the barrels together, lying them on their side in layers, with 5 on the bottom ,then 4, then another 5, and topped by 4. What I ended up with is a self standing wall that is 8' tall 10' long, and 3' deep. Besides being self standing it also provides 18 storage cubby holes per wall section. I got 2 walls done, and as I get more drums I will do a back wall.

I am a firm believer in reduce, reuse, recycle ;)

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