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I Forge Iron

Inswool/kaowool saftey

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No, Pat's not on Iforge. He uses tongs to handle hot things. It's only dramatic if you haven't stood close to molten bronze and felt the IR radiation. Yu can feel a crucible of molten iron from 100'.

He heats the sand in buckets on the lid of the melter or in the studio oven which multi tasks baking pizza for lunch. He has more than one melter and the little one won't heat much sand without blocking the exhaust port. I've used the little melter to stir fry in a large wok but it's a bit much for that. No joke.

He lifts the crucible with his jib boom crane, fills the ladle, replaces the crucible and uses the jib boom to carry the weight of the ladle while he pours with the t handle. 

The only time it's dramatic is if something goes wrong. 

The iron pour at the annual "Art on Fire" event is quite the show though charging the cupola draws more spectators. It's the 4-5' flame when he opens the lid to charge it or stir. Tapping and filling the ladle is very exciting IF you know what's going on, most of the spectators don't so it's just a good show to them. 

I  need a new burner stand on the Viking when things open up again I'll have to see about casting a new one. Buying one is way more expensive than I expected. I'll have to take a couple classes, he doesn't do it for you. Helps yes but you have to do it yourself.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Nope, sandy gravel. It has enough weight it doesn't need to be deep to support the shells and the investment he uses retains heat for more than long enough to finish the pour. He doesn't pour single molds unless it's necessary. He gang  molds a LOT of smaller works. It all depends on more variables than I know.

I've never been around when he poured one of the large sculpture commissions, Pat's become one of if not THE go to bronze caster in Alaska. 

There is so much I don't know about his operation or classes I've about exhausted what I know sure enough to say. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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