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I Forge Iron

Late Introduction

Luke March

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Hi all,

I know I've been here a little while already, and posted a bit, but I figured I might as well introduce myself "officially."

I'm 19 and going to college for engineering.

I started smithing around last August, and still consider myself very much a beginner. I've had an interest in blacksmithing since I was about 13, but just when I was gathering materials to start, I was sidetracked by another hobby... You can see where that eventually led in these links:
Link 1
Link 2

My initial interest in blacksmithing came from (Of course!) wanting to make blades... I have since realized that this will take much practice to achieve, and have been enjoying trying to teach myself general blacksmithing (There's just something irresistible in shaping glowing hot metal by hitting it with a hammer!)I also have an interest in armoring and am trying to acquire the tools to begin there as well.

Here's a picture of my little shop, of which I am rather proud.


Anyway, wanted to say Hi, any comments on my shop are welcome, I'm always ready to learn more!


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Hi Luke. Welcome to the forum. As I read your intro, I see that you've been bitten by the blacksmith bug. Now you are hooked. There is no escape. But, who wants to?
There are many very talented smiths on this site. Any questions, just ask. Someone is bound to jump in and lend a hand.

Great looking light sabre! Really cool!


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