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Shameless plug for Peters Valley Craft Center

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I hope that this is OK to put in here. I just got back from teaching at Peters Valley Craft Center in Layton N.J.. Taught a beginners class-lots of fun, great students, nice shop, beautiful location in the Delaware River Gap, and best of all, excellent food. Like all craft schools these days they could REALLY use our support this year. If you or someone you know can do it, take a class there. I'd really hate to see another great place go by the wayside. There is some great teachers coming up this summer-in all crafts.
Take care,
As I am technologically inept, I couldn't seem to insert the link. Try PetersValley.org

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Thanks Mark,

That is doable for me from Massachusetts.
I used to commute to Indian Point every week and that is right around the corner.
Consider it bookmarked - I am printing the course catalog right now!
Now I have to start working on the wife!


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Bill: Make the missus almost anything and she'll love it. If you make something she can show off, especially something that fits with her decorating like plant hangers, plate hangers, shelf brackets, yard art, etc. etc. you'll be golden. I know this really works with Deb.

Frosty the Lucky.

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