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Check out these glasses

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Check out these antique saftey glasses. The metal container says "Welsh Manufacturing Co. Providence, R.I. U.S.A." I have had these glasses for a very long time and I cannot remember where I got them.

In what setting would they have been used for?



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Cool, Fe-Wood. I found patents filed by the Welsh company going back to the twenty's. I don't think they are in business anymore. If I had to guess I would think these glasses are from the 1930's. I don't think they were used much, they are in excellent shape and no scratches on the lenses.

I wonder if the colored lenses were for furnace work or when using torches?

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Put on the specs the next time you fire up your forge and take a peek and check out the results - does it eliminate the glare or reduce certain parts of the spectrum so that it's clearer?

My dad was a 35 year Alcoa man - Foreman of the ingot department, and over the years he brought home several pair of safety glasses that had similar colored lenses to yours - he used them for watching pours to monitor the flow. I wish I had them now, I remember I used to love looking at our Coleman camp lantern while wearing them - I could stare directly at the mantle without having to squint . . . I was easily entertained in my younger years.

Let us know what you find out!

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Will do Neil. I completely forgot about these glasses. They were tucked away and I came across them today.

I put them on and looked outside and everything looked more defined and clear so I think your assessment is right. I'll give them a try at the forge and let you know.

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Nice find Ironsmith - I looked all over and didn't come up with anything.

They list them as stone mason's goggles - I wonder if that's accurate and if so, what does the tint do for that specific application?

Coming from Maine that could just mean the person they got them from got the goggles from his uncle`s estate and that uncle was a stone mason.
As we all know,stone masons have a similar mindset to blacksmiths,they tend to use whatever is at hand or that can be obtained either free or with very little outlay of funds.
Most stone masons I know shop for T shirts at the thrift store and base their selection on how they fit around their heads. :)
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Are you saying stone masons have big heads??? :lol: :lol: :lol:

It is my theory that all stone masons share the genes from the same tribe of desert bedouins.
That would explain why they all feel the need to wrap their T shirts around their heads so only the goggles are visible.I notice this behavior seems to be triggered by the sound of air compressors.Perhaps the compressors sound like the desert winds during a sandstorm.
They also seem happiest when covered in stone dust which resembles fine sand. :)
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