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John, I will get better picks and a display. I used the pic I bought them from. I need to get them cleaned a little and then show how it all works. I have done wrought iron items but I have only done one forge project and that was a knife from a file in high school and I am closing in on the 50 year reunion lol. Thanks for your comments 

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Does anyone know the proper height a stake plate should be mounted at?  I came across a Pexto plate that fits some stakes I have.  Thinking of making some sort of stand for the plate out of wood.  Just need to know proper height.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Sorry to bring back such an old post.

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What are the stakes you use the most?  Mount it so they are in the best working height. There will always be stakes that are too high or too low.  Note that if you work sitting on a stool factor that in too.

I know an armourer whose stake bench has two levels to deal with different stakes and how he uses them.

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