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cheese press box fix

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found an old cheese press in an OLD shed behind our store(which is 111 years old) and the sheet metal is nearly rusted away, every thing else is good, even the press screw, so i decided to make a new box fpr it. the sheet metal is from a worn out box fan and is heavier gauge than the original. i made it all by hand(no big shear, no break) with tin snips and angle iron in a vice. the shape was hard because it has a slight taper from base to edge so the cheese comes out easier. the original also has a wire in the rolled edge and a ratchet-like strip on each side so it would lock pressed down and could be removed to use the press on the next block.
the original box with all he old rivet haeds ground off
post-1642-065349700 1274058066_thumb.jpg
half of the "ratchet" strip, both are broken so i need to forge new ones.
post-1642-042242000 1274058182_thumb.jpg
the sheet metal removed. you can see the holes for the whey to drain out in the cast iron base.
post-1642-070277700 1274058218_thumb.jpg
the box cut out and fit
post-1642-021552600 1274058329_thumb.jpg
i didn't want to solder the joint like the original (lead!) so i riveted it together
post-1642-096676400 1274058374_thumb.jpg
i still need to roll the edge and rivet it to the base, also forge new rachet strips for the sides and clean it.

more pics to come

Ed Steinkirchner

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