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question on repairing the screwbox on a post vise.


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This kind of thread serves to highlight the difference between us old-world smiths and our colonial colleagues. I've never heard of anyone trying to repair worn/broken vices or anvils (other than as an academic exercise) on this side of the pond. It shows how scarce these things that we take for granted can get. I've got five leg-vices and I've never paid more than £10 for one; strangers regularly offer to sell me anvils. If TFSR get their way, things could get that bad over here, while perfectly usable tools adorn gardens all over the third world (or get melted down in China!).

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From someone who has not done this. Back in the day, one could buy something called spelter. It was a brass powder or finely granulated brass, and it could be mixed with borax...

Re: Brass - It's not quite as fine as what you're describing, but I'm a locksmith, and have used the brass filings that come off of the key cutting machine. Locksmiths generate a lot of this stuff, I keep a paint can full of it, and find it useful for all sorts of things.
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