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quick question on tempering

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hey guys

just a quick one, i've finished shaping and sanding my first knife and am getting ready for my first harding attempt. i have read all the stickys and a xxxx of a lot of posts on this forum.
the metal is/or was a old jackhammer tip of unknown metal type that i had to anneal to work and even then was pretty hard compared to a RR spike (the only carbon steel that i have really worked before).
now i know i have to heat to non-magnetic (should be about cherry red) and my first quench im trying oil and that doesn't work i'll try water

im planning to temper at 170c for 2 hours and depending on the hardness another for 1-2hrs at 200c.
now heres my question do i quench after tempering? i have read that people when tempering with Differential tempering they quench to stop the heat radiating. is that the same with normal tempering that i want to stop the effects of the heat after it?

thanks for reading
ps here a picture for you to look over too :)

post-5671-098599200 1273618545_thumb.jpg

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