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Anyone need any wax?

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A buddy of mine called me this morning and ask if I new any casters that used paraffin wax. He has a pallet of bricks, unused food grade wax. It was 2000 pounds and there is 1200+ left. Retail price is about $1800, He would like $500

His name is Dave Manning his number is 509-969-1254

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Hey Larry,

Good price on the wax. We use micro-crystalline with a fairly modest added-paraffin ratio so 1200 lbs is a tad more than we'd ever use - but I'll put the word out with some of the other foundry folk we know.
Is he willing to sell it in smaller lots or just wanting to dump the whole thing?

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If he splits it, I'll consider taking a box, I make candles a few times a year, but A 10# brick lasts me almost 2 years because I use the leftover stubs of old candles mostly. Last year I paid $15 for a 10# brick, so after delivery costs it will have to beat that. Buying a few bricks to get shipping cost down is OK, not like it will go bad.


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