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I Forge Iron

My new homemade anvil.

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If it's a fairly modern tine and you had to guess I'd guess that. *old* tines are probably more a straight carbon medium carbon steel. (The one I dug out of a spoil bank where the forklift was run off the bluff face to dispose of it was about 50 years old I estimate and so I'm guessing it was a 1050---I ought to hack a chunk off and see if I can get a hamon with it!)

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Looks like a nice flat table. I would weld some feet on it so it can be secured, but you know that.

Thanks, and as you guessed i welded on some feet tonight and fixed it too that wooden stand i made.I all so painted it black but not the surfaces that i will be working on :D
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Nice. I'd like to see pictures of the finished anvil when you get time. I walked by a pile of tines about 4 feet tall at a scrap yard not long back. Was really tempted to pick up some.

Thanks, i will have pic's up tomorrow night ;)

oh you should get some of them tines even if you don't make an anvil out of them you could use the steel for knives or something like that.
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