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My first knife


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Hello there, well finally I finished my first knife. Hoping for tons of comments to help me make them more beautyful and better in the future.
I have to say though that i did not make the blade, it's bought from dealer. but i made the rest.
The black is buffalo horn and the wood is called Masur Birch, natural finsh. The blade is Brusletto from Norway.


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That is so very much better than my first knife. The fit and finish look good, as mentioned above. I like the overall stylish curves. My best advice is to keep posting on forums and keep listening to the things that they tell you. The knifemaking community is just full of people who love to share and teach.

Also, look at and draw as many knives as you can. Focus on looking at, analyzing and drawing knives you really do like and knives you really don't like. This will give you the perceptual ability and conceptual ability to really understand what it is you are trying to create. (ok, I am a psychologist, so I get into why things work as well as how they work. go with me, this simple bit of advice was given to me by a true genius in the field, and it made a huge jump in my learning progress).

I am only about a year and a half in myself, so I have a ton to learn. But, this is one area where being a student is fun, and most of the experts still think of themselves as students.

Nice work. Keep trying and keep sharing.



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