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pattern welded Viking style with curly maple

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Hello Everyone,
It has been awhile since I have posted anything. I had a hard time getting my new forged lined and then fine-tuned properly so I could weld as well as I like. Now that I have everything working again, I made this little knife as a test. It is a pretty basic design, that is also fairly historically-accurate (although I have since learned that guards were used on this size of knife back then, at least sometimes.

The handle is just over 4" of the prettiest curly maple I have ever used. It is beautiful. I had planned to carve but this was too pretty as it was.

The Blade has 3 bars, the spine is 5 twisted laters of 15n20 and 1080. The other two bars are both Monosteel 1080. The 1080 bars are welded with their flat faces together, and the twisted bar is butt-welded to the spine of the other two.

There are no visible weld flaws.

The blade is 9" long.

This is my favorite style of knife to make. It lets me use the visual appeal of pattern welding in a traditional manner with my hand hammer.

I hope you like it. Thanks for looking. I rely on people on the internet for teaching and encouragement, so comments and such are welcomed.








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man i have to say thats your cleanest blade so far (that i have seen), love the curve of the blade and the flow from blade to handle( very good job on the handle) yup very well done!

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thanks guys.

I have actually already sold this knife, but the person buying it wants me to take the money he sent a buy a stamp, then stamp the blade, then send it to him. He is hoping that my firsted stamped blade could be a good one to own.

Not quitting the day job, but i do have summers where I don't have to teach, and I can make knives.

I soaked the leather in oil for a day, and then sealed it with a couple of coats of superglue. I am hoping that does it.

I have been working hard to try and get things more smooth and flowing.

handle is finishe with linseed oil with just a little beeswax melted into it.


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