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scored a powerful hydraulic pump


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Thanks for the advice fellas. I plan on getting some 1 inch plate next weekend. The table does flex a bit. Its a 30 ton cylinder, and it has some power. I think i am gonna beef up the frame on the back side bettween the cylinder and the table. I think i will lower the table as well. I squished some damascus and a few other things today. One of the pics is of 1 inch square stock that was two or three inches long that i squished. The cylinder has no problem, and its pretty quick. The up stroke is a bit faster than the press stroke. I utilized 3/8 high flow hoses, and i'm glad i did. All in all i'm very happy with this project. Not as cheap as yours Danger, but 5 or 6 hundred bucks isn't too bad for a working press.post-9924-097234800 1274058120_thumb.jpe

post-9924-031155900 1274058139_thumb.jpe

post-9924-027045500 1274058155_thumb.jpe

post-9924-063654100 1274058171_thumb.jpe

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So, over the weekend i beefed up the press a bit. I welded two 8 by 10 i-beams together and welded them to the face of the front of my frame. They are placed on end with lots of nice welds. For the table i welded one piece of 1/2 inch plate to the i-beams, with a hole for puching, drifting etc. I bought two more 1/2 inch plates to sit over the table. On the back of the frame i welded a six foot piece of heavy duty c- channel to keep flexing down to a minimum. Seems very sturdy after the modifications. Oh, and Danger, i lowered the table, it is almost at the bottom of the stroke. Squished some more damascus over the weekend, worked good. I just need to make some better dies for drawing and flattening. post-9924-031169600 1274751068_thumb.jpg

post-9924-008927000 1274751084_thumb.jpg

post-9924-076704500 1274751105_thumb.jpg

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