#5 Dagger

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I just finished this one,I did a liner lock for #4 here

This one is:

LOA 10 1/4"
Blade 6"
Nickle silver hardware w/G11 and Black paper micarta
Hollow grind 10" wheel

I had a lot of trouble w/guard fit( i just don't want solder ,would like a tight fit without)
Also shadow scratches and fit and finish in general.
Opinions comments welcome.





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Mark your work is just better every time...I wish I could grind like that...I could not get into the other pics as I am not a member. If you want comments send me a note....Thanks for sharing,,,,,,,,,,,, Rich

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xxxx, I wish my 10th knife was that good. I think you are off to a wonderful start. thanks for sharing. there are some really good (both talented and friendly teaching types) on this forum.
keep sharing your progress. It is fun to watch. nice work.

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Thanks all for looking and taking the time to respond, it realy helps in my motivation and progress. Heres pics of the liner lock. Lots and lots of time in the folder, assemble and reassemble, tapping and fitting. Very tedious.I did enjoy it though. Not sure how soon I'll attempt one again.






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