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Extra hole in a Hay-budden?

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I inherited a Hay-Budden #100 from my Grandfather that is in really good shape concidering it's age. I was inspectingit when I found a hole I could not identify. It's about a 3/4 inch square hole that is tapered. It's located about half way down the base directly under the horn. It looks like a tapered machined hole and I have no clue of it's potential use. Any ideas guys?

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There should be a corrisponding hole under the heel also. These were to accept tongs to move them during manufacturing. The tongs would be for two or more men, similar to R.R. track tongs, or a large version of an ice tongs for use with an overhead hoist.

Ok thanks. I was leaning toward that conclusion but thought I'd ask in case it was used for something else handy that I didn't know. Thanks again!
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