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Here are a few photos of some recently completed projects.

The Dragonfly hooks were a fun and quick little project for the young daughter of a friend of the families. I made a dozen of theses small hooks. I used rebar for the body, upset the head and used a ball die in my homemade "Smoosh o'Matic" I used a ball bearing, welded into a flat bar, as the swage tool to create the indendation for the mounting screw.

The ranch sign for Gates is 4 foot by 5 foot and is cut from 10 gauge plate. We are in a high wind area so the signs need to be heavy or they will fatique in time.

The same goes for the railing insert. These folks have a huge log home and I am not real clear why they had the builder leave an opening in the railing on the deck. The lady of the house is a professional horse judge and was very particular on the confirmation of the horses. I had to redraw the one horse several times before she was happy. I got the railing piece installed Tuesday and she was very pleased.

I use a Miller plasma and cut all my signs by hand - to cheap to buy the big machine and it gives each client a "one off" piece of art.

Let me know what you think.







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