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An S hook hooked on a branch would be better... avoiding injury to the tree and extremely easy to hang or remove. One with a chain or lanyard would fit nearly any branch size with only slight adjustments. It could also be applied as a choker to a tree trunk and then hang from that... much simpler and less invasive than a spike or screw!

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Corkscrew is not what you would want; but you can find old *unplated* lag bolts and forge the head end into hooks to be screwed into a beam.

I too am on the don't hurt a living tree side of things though. Have you thought of jam hooks for that usage? square "C" frame with the hook off the base that you slip over the tree trunk and the cant of the C holds it in place without slipping. Take the pressure off by un-canting it and it slips off the trunk. Unfortunately these usually have a limited range of trunk sizes they work on (or fortunately as they will need a range of sizes...)

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I'm with the choker chain or S hook ideas too. To have a screw to turn into a tree will not work on all species, only softer ones. If the screw is not cleaned between use it can transfer tree diseases too in addition to damaging the tree.

There are some commercially produced chokers that you can model off of even.
Gonna be a hard nut to crack going against this price point too!


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