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I Forge Iron

Howdy from Southern Illinois


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Greetings all,

I heard about iforgeiron and thought I'd register and see what goes on.

I've done a bit of smithing in classes as well as on my own. I got into metalsmithing from my interest in history, espcially ancient and medieval military stuff. I do some reenactment, and discovered that I could make a lot of my own gear for twice the fun!

Thanks to Glenn and Andrew for a great site!

All the best,
Nathan G. aka Gobann

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Greetings all,

Thanks for the great welcome!

I've gone to SIU (Southern Illinois University) Edwardsville (near St. Louis) for most of my undergrad studies. This past spring (2006) however, I spent the semester at SIU Carbondale for the specifica purpose of taking a few blacksmithing classes. I worked with Rick Smith and Matt Haugh, and just recently met John Medwedeff and saw his shop--a fantastic place. :D

I'm a member of IVBA (I think I have to send in dues sometime soon lol) and I do a bit of work for Stan Schwartz (Trying-it is his name on here I think), who told me about this site. I knew there was quite a bit of IVBA stuff going on in Salem and Mt. Vernon, but I didn't know when exactly they met--I'll have to get over there sometime.

As for exactly where I am, I live on a farm outside Oakdale :) It's south of I-64 a ways from Nashville, IL.

Thanks again for the warm welcome,
All the best,
Nathan aka Gobann

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