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I am looking for someone in the atlanta Ga area, that has built a tire hammer.
Mine is finally getting assembled, I am going to very soon need the allignment
Gauge that clay uses to allign the hammer with the anvil. I could make one but
I figure with the popularity and all the hammers I have seen. I figure someone
out there must have the gauge already assembled, and perhaps would let me use
theirs for a little while.
I can only hop and wish. RalphAndrewKessler I live in central ga. 7708305670
I though I would add some info, the gauge sets the height of the 50 pound
hammer head and anvil. The gauge also sets every thing parallel because
as the head is set on the gauge which is already setting on the anvil you
are also putting in place the 4x4 that hold the hammer assembly. I hope this
helps those that are not familiar with the Tire Hammer.
I was hopping that someone who has already been through the process would
help in sharing the gauge discriped in the builders manual. Most would only
be using the gauge once or twice.
Thanx again RalphAndrewKessler

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