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Strengthening 440c Stainless Steel


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I have a 440c stainless steel sword. It can't be used for anything except wall mounting. I just want to know if there is any way to make it stronger as a sword. Maybe strong enough to be qualified as battle-ready. Thanks in advance.

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I make alot of knives from 440C I find it a really nice steel to work and it works great as a knife. Are you sure wot you have is 440C? Or is it one of the other 440 steels?,,,If it is truly 440C I would suspect the heat treat is not spot on. I personally would not choose this steel for a sord, I would prefer a carbon steel that is commonly used by those that make nice sords. I do not make sords,,but am familiar with 440C.

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Heat treat of knife grade stainlesses is generally something that takes a fancy furnace to get the most out of them. Re-heat treating would probably cost enough that buying a blade meant for what you want to do would be a better idea. Also is the tang and tang blade intersection designed for use or is it weak with a stress concentrator?

Most swords I have seen are 410 or 420 alloys, 440 is a bit brittle for sword use.

Remember you can still hurt-maim-kill someone with a blade that is *not* a good one and in fact it might be easier to do so if it breaks in use.

Hurting yourself or your friends is frowned upon in polite society!

Many of us have a blade or two we bought before becoming knowledgeable about them. (I myself have a couple bought in Spain back when I was allowed to carry them on board the airplane!) I use them as decorative wall hangers to lure any thieves away from looking for the "good stuff".

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Please do; the scrap pile is much closer to the arroyo where we drag all our uninvited guests out for dinner; dinner for the coyotes and vultures that is...

The real *good* items tend to live in the bank's safety deposit box; they always stare when we ask to try out the catty corner length of their biggest box before we sign up for it...

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