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Big Yellow Hammer

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So earlier in the week I hauled 15,000 lbs worth of stuff out of Grants back yard... It was really a mess... we buried a one ton dually truck in the muck... had to drag my forklift out several times (i had to haul my own down there to load the stuff) and almost tore down the satellite cable that provides Grants internet connection. I left Grants yard a mess, and spred parts of his former lawn for several hundred yards in just about every direction....

I dont think Grant is to hot at me but I think his wife might be giving me dirty looks the next time I see her :blink::unsure:

Anyway I was taking pictures in the yard today and snapped a couple of the Big Yellow Hammer as it is now known. this is a single strike air hammer that was converted from a rebar fab station (Grant?) It has no real anvil to speak of but quite a heavy ram..

Im not sure what I am going to do with it at this point... But Im sure what ever its new life brings will be joyous


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No.. It had big V jaws and was used to straighten (or bend) bar.... it also had a shear ( I guess it still does ) off to one side. Was a rebar fab unit. But I dont think you would call it a press as much as a hammer, and defiantly not closed die type machine (a closed die hammer would still have a anvil)

I am hoping Grant will step in and clear up the details, for me and everyone else. ;)

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percussion press sounds about right.... not quite a press not quite a hammer...

I dumped some oil in it again yesterday and might have time to clean up the ram and put air to it today...

I have been playing with other things I brought home from Grants.. Just built a brake for the little Giant and have the KA-150 torn down and am starting to figure out what its going to take to rebuild

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Definitely a hammer, based on the scientific principle that when it comes down it goes "Whomp"! Not effective for forging because it has no anvil to speak of. Gives it a very dead blow. Sure nice if ya got a plate of bar to straighten. Squeezes with 2-3 ton of force. Sure nice having dies that are around 14 X 24. Used to make big oval and pear links (like from 2 - 3" or more). When ya get done they're always a little twisted or goofey. One blow in here would set em right and hardly leave a mark. After all, the ram is more than 1200 pounds.

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So Grant called me today and said "You put air to that thing yet" So I pretty much had to stop what I was doing and drag the thing inside..

After messing around with various plumbing and using a hydraulic porta-power to break the thing loose... This is what I learned..

You can mash a chunk of 3" X .120 wall tube flat in about three strikes

Yellow Hammer Video


It takes more like 9 to mash a 5 X 8 X .250 chunk of tube..

Yellow hammer video 2



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