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We just got a cabinet for the bathroom it was hand made pine kind of distressed wood looking. My girlfriend wanted a latch for it as the doors are a bit warped and will not stay shut. So I have to go and open my big mouth and say that I could make a latch and some hinges as well. (doohht) Well I have some yellow brass that was kick plates on doors that I saved from the trash on a job a few years back, I kept it real simple nothing fancy and these are my first hinges so it was a good learning experience. I used 3/16 stainless for the hinge pins and upset the end a little so they will not slide out
I think I am going to shorten the latch about 1/2 an inch

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nice job. Especially for a first attempt. Did you use a jig to roll the hing tubes? They look nice and uniform.

I did not use a jig this brass moves easy I just clamped in the vice and hammered down then inserted the round stock and continue hammering until it closes up finishing with sharp edge on anvil. A jig would be a great idea but with a short run like this I did not want to take the time to make one. Thanks for the vote of approval
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they look great Clinton but- ah, how are you going to mount them¿? tongue.gif

I am planning to just use some brass screws I thought about making some nails to attach but this wood is old (may end up a pile of kindling) and if I nail them on and need to adjust that would be a problem so I am going to take the easy way and buy a pack of screws
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Got the hardware mounted this weekend I think it came out pretty nice and my girlfriend is happy, got me a case of beer and a bottle of jim beam out of the deal so I think I made out good. Of course the "hardware store" did not have enough screws to finish so I had to short screw it for now I went with a # 7 x 3/4 brass screw with a round head and straight slot

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