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Champion #1 main shaft

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Spent Saturday getting dental work done in Mexico (and dropping off the top shaft assembly as I never got the front piece off---even drilled and tapped the key and stripped the bolt pulling it with a come-a-long. (Nice having stout poles holding up the roof of the shop extension!) So I finally gave up and took it down to be welded up in place.

Sunday I did more wire brushing, we had our first good rain for months and so the areas I had wire brushed are now rusty. I also hailed my neighbor who works at a John Deere dealership and asked him about buying Case Paint---he said they might have some "Off Brand" tractor paint at work and we bantered a bit as I don't consider Case to be an "off brand"...

Picked up some degreaser this morning and may be painting next Saturday!

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Thanks for the offer, but transferring photos (even small files) is torture from here.
I live on the North Olympic Peninsula near Olympic National Park. We have no cable and I would have to cut 5 acres of 2nd growth dug fir to get a shot at the Meridian for sat coverage.
It’s a price I’m willing to pay to live in paradise.
On further examination, the shaft is 1.560” in diameter. Not a convenient size so it looks like I’ll have to machine a 1-5/8 (1.625”) shaft down to size unless I can find a 1-9/16” cold rolled shaft.
What I plan on doing is mount the hammer on a 40x25” ½ plate. This will allow me to build a motor stand behind the hammer and run the belt up to the sheave. It will take up some floor space but keep the motor low. Before, I had a bracket up high which made the CG of the whole thing unstable.
Suggestions are welcome!

You will save a little machine time if you only turn the ends where the crankplate, bearings and pulley go. If you are going to pour new babbit and the shells are big enough you can leave that 1.625 and pour the babbit that size. Sorry to hear about the pulley that broke, but you may want to think about putting a 2 groove v belt pulley on it. You can buy an 18 inch pulley and hub from surplus center for about $80. If you do that might need to turn the back end to 1.5 inch. that could be a nice up grade. If you go that way just polish up the shaft & use it as a mandrel before you turn the ends. Some things to think about.

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