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zoeller forge

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I use a atmospheric forge. I designed and built. I copied the burners from Micheal Porters book on burner and forge design. Had tuns of help from members of this and other forums... but mostly this one.
I emagine I have a couple hundred $$ in it and countles hours.


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Single burner forges are rather inexpensive, you need a regulator, 1 ball valve, 1 burner, hose, some various fittings and an (optional) gauge. Put this in a housing of some type with insulation (brick and ceramic wool), and get going!

I think the bucket idea is too large a volume, but everything else is sound. I built a mailbox design that is very similar in concept. The floor is a 4 1/2 x 9 inch stove firebrick (2200F), and has a depression melting into it...somewhat quickly in fact. I have a high temperature brick, but haven't cut it to fit yet. I think I could build this again from scratch for less than $200, buying everything new. The shell is one 6 inch stovepipe fastened with zip screws. There is a slot in the backside to let long items pass through.The chamber is 5 inches tall, 1 inch of wool under the brick, 1 inch wool on the back wall, 2 inches wool on the sides and top.

Those are 2 pieces of 1 1/2 4140 heating



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what do you think of the SIMPLE ATOMSHERIC GAS FOR PLANS
what would the unit cost to build no experence with gas forge

They're a good place to start. I've been building forges and burners for close to 20 years now and once you have a good handle on how they work they're really quite simple.

Frosty the Lucky.
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