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project hydraulic press

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Sorry for my English text was done by google translator hehehehehe ...............

'm from Brazil and work as cutler guasqueiro'm new in the forum and would like to build a hydraulic press have some pictures of some more press still have many doubts that anyone will have a hydraulic press project from beginning to end showing all parts to engine?

Thanks for helping me I hope you in my site's

ORKUT # Profile? rl = ls & uid = 4987696730192551897



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xxxx, 500+ views and no responses to help him.

I'm not an expert, but would have to say, google is your friend for information. Hydraulic systems are not rocket science, its all about fluid control and the path you want it to take before it returns to the tank again.
get on "u-tube" and watch all the videos you can on hydraulic presses, go to a local store and look at the small wood splitter hyd. systems. or even th etailgate lifts on some work trucks are electric over hydraulic, forklifts have hydraulics.
There are a lot of places to look at and get an idea of systems, some like the log splitters are "self contained" having a small oil tank and motor/pump built in one unit and then hoses going to a valve for operation and ulitmately to a cylinder and then returned to the tank for recycling through.
get busy in the junkyards and find a hydraulic pump off a tractor, some are mounted on the front of the engine and are easy to convert to a small gasoline motor or a 5hp or so electric motor.
good luck with your project, I think with a little research you will find it easier than you thought.


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Best resource is a book by James L. Batson, "Build Your Own Hydraulic Forging Press". This shows you everything you need. Has different frames and all of the hydraulic information that you will need. You can buy it on the American Bladesmith website:

Good luck and be safe!

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