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Good Morning All
Who'd of thought it. When I first read this thread I thought it was a goof! The only ramps I knew about were the ones used to roll stuff up bumps. Looks as if I have another reason to take a Southern road trip. Thanks for the heads up. -grant

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No, I've heard of that one since it began but have never gone.

I'm a fan, but not that big a fan ;)

I remember in 4th grade (circa '74), we had a new teacher from Texas that had never heard of ramps. A lot of the boys would eat them in the spring so they would get sent home from school. This was in the days BAC (before air conditioning... in our school, at least). One of the boys came in so rank you couldn't stand to be near him... had the whole room stinking. Our teacher decides that she is going to get this boy cleaned up and aired out so that we can continue with class. She found him a tooth brush and some of that old high-octane mouthwash. She gave it her best shot, but within an hour or two, she surrendered to the ramps and sent him to call his mother to come and get him.

Bear in mind, the only way one remains un-offended by the odor of a ramp eater is to partake oneself. Picture a mixture of garlic and strong onions that permiates the pores of your skin and won't fade for a day or two... but they sure taste good.

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The dinners up here usually have fresh ramps, ham&ramps, scalloed potatoes w/ramps, green beans/ramps,saladw/ramps, ramp butters, well you gwet the picture.
I like them in potato salad, salad dressing, stuffed in fresh trout plus the traditional ham&ramps :-)
I even dried a bucketful last spring . Not so flavorful dehydrated tho.
oh ya, ramps and scrambled eggs is good too.

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