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Blacksmithing Summer Course

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Morning all,

I just found out that the Haliburton Campus of Fleming College offers a Blacksmithing summer course.

The website is : http://www.flemingc....sum/style/h.cfm

Here's the blurb from the page;

Please note: This course involves the use of hot forges and metal. You must be prepared to work independently with a high level of concentration, physical exertion and mechanical aptitude. Learn the basics of blacksmithing in a hands-on studio situation. You will have an opportunity to learn the skills required to produce appealing and functional objects using traditional blacksmithing techniques. Instruction will provide an understanding of simple forging principles such as drawing out, punching, scrolling and more. Finishing techniques will also be stressed. Ample opportunity will be provided to practice what you've seen demonstrated. Please bring a project concept with you.

So it's a fundamentals class, but I've had no formal fundamentals training (mostly self taught with lots of informal instruction) so it definitely peaks my interest. Either way it sounds like it will be a hoot. And my lovely wife is insisting on putting this course into our budget planning so that I can go (I'm so lucky).

So I thought posting this here might interest some other Ontario smiths - especially those new to the craft - in hopes of meeting up with some of y'all and putting faces to names.

It's (Aug 9 - Monday to Friday - 9:00am-4:30pm).

How about it? Anyone else interested in going?


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