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rusty tools in shop

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This winter I have tried using my forge in one side of my garage, I had it vented some but not the best. I even opened two doors and a window. What I did find is that in the end that I have my saw shapening business tools were getting a lite surface rust. I had not seen this type of rust since I had a jug of muratic acid leech out. Could this be from the fumes of the forge sulfuric acid! I have since stopped forging in the garage. I will forge outside until I can build a separate building.

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This is a phenomonon that occurs in most forges, and why most forges were traditionally a small area isolated (by walls and doors)from the main workshop areas,

Even the larger companies understood and used this set up, which is why there were seperate departments for other processes used by them such as edge grinding, fettling, fitting or machining.

Nowadays the set ups for blacksmiths workshops as opposed to forges seem to have either ignored this, or are not aware of the problems that forging hot metal can introduce into a working environment.

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