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what steel is the xl 4000 saw blades by fs tool?


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All of the circular saw blades of that size that our mill runs are L6. But I don't sharpen the circulars, they are sent off to another company. If you have access to 50 of them, then it would be worth sendiing a piece off to have it annalized. The steel has to be a high shock resistant steel, or it won't last long in a mill. Wish I could be more help. Check into having it annalized and let us know what you find out.

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For scrap prices I would buy them.

Are they carbide tipped, or just sharpened?

Why were they scrapped? Can they be resold, and make a profit? I have seen A LOT of good equipment sent to the scrap yards. I was just given 2 working refrigerated air driers ($1,000+) that were headed to the dumpster because they were "surplus".

Lots of folks painting them, so there is one market if they are no good for knives.

I think it would be cool to make a bowl out of one.

Hmmm, could probably get a lot of ideas for saw blade projects.

Uh, did I mention that I would buy them for scrap prices? :P

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The saw blades are carbide tipped. Most have a chipped tooth. The scrap price is 30 cents a pound. I pay around 10-15 cents in Michigan.I am in Texas on vacation. The blades weigh 14 pounds each. This is around $4 each. It seems a bit high to me. I wanted to offer $100.00 for all.

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