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Knife Handle Finishing

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Hello all,
I did make a search if this finishing topic has been posted anywhere. Since I could not find exactly the same issue, I like to get your opinion on this matter. This is the first time I made knife handle and it is from Indian Rosewood - stabilized scales. I have now applied 5 coats of "Danish Oil". I'm not very sure what is the best compatible "top coat" if I need durable proctection. For your info, it is a Brazos Skinner that will be heavily used for skinning(once a year). Since it surely will get very much stains from fresh blood, I may use water to clean it.
So I seek fo your suggestion on the next finish to apply.
See also images attached.

Thank you.
masrol sumairi



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You said it was stabilized wood right?
Stabilized wood to me means that it`s been treated with a polymer or something like it and this runs completely thru the wood.If this is the case then the finish is already in the wood and you need only buff or sand to the desired sheen and be done with it.
What you have,in effect,is a plastic handle that looks like wood as the polymer seals,fills,protects and finishes far deeper than anything you will put on the surface.

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Rosewood is generally oily enough it needs no other finish. If you want to do something, generally you have to wipe it down with something like acetone to get rid of the natural oil.
Furthermore if it is stabilized, all you need to do is buff it to the level of finish you want. Unless of course the stabilization method or materials used was something inferior in which case it probably isn't worth using.


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