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I went to Alamo Iron Works today and they have this sitting outside the main building - remnant of a time when they did industrial forging (AIW is a steel and commercial supply distributor these days, with a bit of fabrication thrown in). Anyway, it is a Niles-Bement. I have no idea what size but am guessing 500-750?

Thought you might enjoy the pic...Hollis


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Forget the hammer! There's a frigging Bridge Anvil sitting there! And a throatless rotary shear. And some other cool looking thing with gears and wheels that youngdylan would surely buy.

Yah - and there are several more London pattern anvils and some other tools off to the left outside out of the picture... :P

This stuff has been sitting outside for at least 15 years - maybe longer but that's only as far back as I can remember. They get painted every so often to keep everything fresh looking.
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If I remember correctly a guy in the IBA has a 750# Nile-Bement-Pond, and on that hammer it says what size it is cast into the frame. Lovely hammer:-)

Again I will remind folks so they can put it on their calendar the Indiana Blacksmiths Association's Annual Conference will be the LAST weekend in JUNE. Clifton Ralph, Kurt Farenbach, and Steve Parker will be demonstrating on a 400# Chambersburg running on STEAM. All three are excellent industrial blacksmiths, Clifton worked in the steel mills in Gary, IN. Kurt worked for Chrysler and has run production runs on tongs and other tools out of his shop in Atlanta, IN. Steve Parker works making tongs on a Nazel 4B? for several Hydraulic forging plants. They put on a good demo, Clifton will bring piles of tooling and fixtures for showing how to get the most of out your hammer. Steve will do a demo atleast on forging tongs. They might forge an small anvil or bick? I don't know what is really on the schedule, but I have seen them demo before and it is worth the trip...

and boy am I tired;-)

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